Month: June 2016

  • [Resolved] Message Lists Empty

    We are currently investigating a problem that seems to be causing message lists to be empty for some customers. We will post an update here when we know more. Update: 07-Jun-2016 at 15:50 CEST: This issue has now been resolved. Apologies for any inconvenience.

  • Limited Availability: 05-Jun-2016

    Due to necessary infrastructure work being carried out by Teknograd AS in the data center we use, our services may have limited availability between the times below. Start:  05-Jun-2016  00:01 CEST End:   05-Jun-2016  06:00 CEST All email services could be affected, as well as web hosting that is based in Oslo, Norway. Web hosting on […]

  • [Resolved] Mail Queue

    We currently have an outgoing mail queue, and some mail is waiting to be sent. Apologies for any inconvenience. Update: 01-Jun-2016 at 13:17 CEST: The outgoing mail queue issue has been resolved and mail is being delivered normally. Apologies for any inconvenience.

  • [Resolved] Connection Problems

    We are currently investigating some connections issues that are making our service inaccessible. Updates will be posted here as we know more. Update: 01-Jun-2016 at 10:22 CEST: It looks like a DDoS attack. We are putting in place mitigation strategies and expect the situation to improve soon. Update: 01-Jun-2016 at 10:50 CEST: We have put […]