[Resolved] Access Issues

We are currently investigating some access issues affecting accounts. We will update this status when we know more. Apologies if you are affected.

Update 19-Mar-2017 23:49 CET: This issue is ongoing and our technicians are working to resolve it as quickly as possible.

Update 20-Mar-2017 10:39 CET: The issues are related to distribution of data, and we are working to improve this while moving data to new, faster SSD servers.

Update 20-Mar-2017 13:38 CET: We are continuing to manage this situation, and currently things are looking much better. We will be continuing work on this throughout the day and will post further updates here.

Update 20-Mar-2017 14:16 CET: The immediate problems have been resolved, and further improvements will be deployed in the next 12 hours.

Update 20-Mar-2017 21:10 CET: Improving load distribution has stabilized the situation and there have been no reports of access problems since our previous update. Meanwhile, our technicians have deployed an additional SSD storage server and we will start moving data onto it tomorrow.