[Resolved] Connection issues

We are currently experiencing connection issues to our services and are investigating the issue.

We apologize for the inconvenience caused.

UPDATE 13:00 CEST: The connection issues were power related and we are resuming operations now.

UPDATE 14:13 CEST: A number of services have now been resumed, but we are still dealing with some issues with IMAP/POP. Sorry for the ongoing inconvenience.

UPDATE 15:00 CEST: We are restarting a number of IMAP/POP servers that are still unresponsive following the power outage.

UPDATE 16:30 CEST: We’re having problems with a storage unit as a consequence of the power outage and are restarting it. We expect operations to normalize shortly.

UPDATE 18:00 CEST: All services are fully restored and all queued incoming email has been delivered.

We apologize for this incident and are investigating what caused a power outage on two power supplies in order to prevent it from happening again.