[Closed] IMAP & POP Issues

We are currently experiencing periods with IMAP access issues and are investigating what is causing these. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.

Update 19-Feb-2020 23:00 CET: The slowness of IMAP services and email delivery seems related to a spam scanner related database that was not being pruned properly. This is now resolved and performance should be restored.

Update 02-Mar-2020 12:35 CET:  The problems with IMAP and POP access have returned in the last 24 hours. We are continuing to look in to the cause of this and will update this status post when we know more.

Update 03-Mar-2020 06:15 CET: The access issues appear to be caused by brute-force login attempts on our services that consume excessive server resources. We are working to implement measures that will deflect the attacks and restore normal performance.

Update 03-Mar-2020 07:30 CET: We have implemented countermeasures that thus far seem effective and IMAP/POP performance is normalizing.

Update 12-Mar-2020 16:30 CET: We are experiencing continued attacks and are implementing additional firewall rules to fend them off. We expect the situation to improve shortly and apologize for the inconvenience while these problems are ongoing.

Update 16-Mar-2020 22:15 CET: The work to block brute force attacks on our servers continues and we are now deploying more automatic measures. Note that the uptime statistics reported on this website reflects that we have increased the sensitivity of the NodePing checks in order to monitor the situation more closely.

Update 20-Mar-2020 11:30 CET: We have implemented improved automatic firewalling of IP addresses that attempt to perform brute force attacks on our services. These measures appear effective, and we are considering additional actions to improve IMAP and POP performance.

Update 23-Mar-2020 14:30 CET: We are suspecting that the IMAP access problems may in part be caused by configuration issues and are investigating this further in order to resolve them.

Update 24-Mar-2020 23:45 CET: After making improvements to the IMAP/POP director proxy configurations the intermittent access issues should be resolved.

Update 08-Apr-2020 10:56 CEST: We are currently looking in to a why some customers are currently unable to access IMAP and POP services again.

Update 08-Apr-2020 11:58 CEST: After a restart of the Dovecot IMAP/POP service on one of our servers this issue appears to be resolved.

Update 13-Apr-2020 10:25 CEST: In the last few hours we seem to have had a problem with a single Dovecot IMAP/POP server causing a problem. This has been resolved now. We’ve been able to gather some further information that we were unaware of before that will help our investigations. Sorry for any inconvenience caused.

Update 17-Apr-2020 11:49 CEST: Unfortunately we had an IMAP/POP server issue in the last few hours which has affected some customers. This has now been resolved. Apologies for the inconvenience.