Month: April 2020

  • [Resolved] Access issues

    We are currently experiencing problems that might mean your access to webmail, IMAP and POP services are slow or not possible at all. We are investigating this and will update this post as we know more. Sorry for any inconvenience. Update 2020-04-23 23:45 CEST: We are analyzing file system and network issues in order to […]

  • [Resolved] Mail queue

    We are currently seeing a large mail queue on our incoming servers. This means you may not yet have received messages that have been sent to you recently. We are looking in to this. Sorry for the inconvenience. Update: 25-Apr-2020 10:06 CEST: The mail queue has been successfully processed and messages were delivered to accounts.

  • [Resolved] Comcast Xfinity Connection Issues

    We’ ve been made aware of a general issue with the Internet provider Comcast Xfinity in the USA. This is causing problems for our customers who are experiencing very slow connections to our servers in Oslo, Norway. The Downdetector website shows this: According to some reports this has been going on for some time […]