Month: October 2021

  • [Resolved] Outgoing Delivery Delays

    As a result of some changes we made to our network (following the DDoS attacks) we are seeing some outgoing delivery delays to certain email providers. Most notably these are Yahoo, Outlook and Microsoft 365/Office 365. It appears that because our outgoing mail server now has a different IP address they are deferring delivery of […]

  • [Monitoring] DDoS attack

    We are currently experiencing some problems with our service that may be due to a DDoS attack. We are investigating and will post an update here when we know more. Update 22-Oct-2021 18:10 CEST – The confirmed DDoS attack has meant that some of our services are currently unavailable. We are continuing to monitor the […]

  • [Resolved] Certificate/Security Warnings

    Following the changes made by the Let’s Encrypt organization to their SSL/TLS certificates some users have reported problems with their email programs when connecting to Runbox’ email servers (see Therefore we are now replacing the Let’s Encrypt certificates for and related subdomains for IMAP, POP, and SMTP services to certificates issues by the Norwegian SSL […]

  • [Resolved] IMAP/POP Access

    One of our IMAP/POP servers is currently experiencing some problems and this is causing access issues for a number of customers. We will continue to look in to this further and apologise for the inconvenience. Update 14:56 CEST: This issue has now been resolved. Apologies again for any inconvenience caused.