[Monitoring] DDoS attack

We are currently experiencing some problems with our service that may be due to a DDoS attack. We are investigating and will post an update here when we know more.

Update 22-Oct-2021 18:10 CEST – The confirmed DDoS attack has meant that some of our services are currently unavailable. We are continuing to monitor the situation.

Update 22-Oct-2021 19:45 CEST – The DDoS attack has subsided we are monitoring the situation.

Update 23-Oct-2021 01:01 CEST – The DDoS attack has resumed and some of our services are not accessible again.

Update 23-Oct-2021 01:56 CEST – The DDoS attack has subsided again and services should start to return to normal shortly.

Update 23-Oct-2021 05:30 CEST – We have had another round of DDoS attacks and will be posting more information shortly.

Update 23-Oct-2021 09:46 CEST – The DDoS attack has subsided for now and services have returned to normal. Some incoming email may be delayed while other email services try to deliver email that was queued during the attack. We have posted more information about the situation on our blog and will give further technical updates here.

Update 23-Oct-2021 13:40 CEST – It looks like another DDoS attack has just started. As always we will post updates here.

Update 23-Oct-2021 14:10 CEST – Services are available again.

Update 25-Oct-2021 15:00 CEST – We are experiencing another outage and are working to make services accessible again.

Update 25-Oct-2021 15:30 CEST – Services are normalized.

Update 28-Oct-2021 14:10 CEST – We’re deploying improvements to DDoS mitigation and access to email services is momentarily disrupted. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Update 28-Oct-2021 14:20 CEST – Access is restored.