[Resolved] Netherlands – access issues

We have had reports from customer in the Netherlands that they are unable to access our services unless they use a VPN. We’ve looked in to this and it looks like an issue either with an ISP in that region or our own ISP. We have raised this issue with our own ISP and will update his ticket when we know more.

Update: 14:36 CEST – The common factor seems to be the Netherlands ISP Ziggo. We’ve contacted Ziggo and asked them to look in to the issue in case it is a problem on their side. Our own ISP is also looking in to the issue.

Update 20:46 CEST – We are getting reports that this issue has now been resolved. We haven’t heard directly through official channels (incidents are often resolved before official comment comes through) but we heard earlier that Ziggo had acknowledged the problem and it looks like they’ve now resolved it.