[Resolved] Server Upgrade with Downtime

Due to a sudden decline in reliability, we are going to complete the planned upgrade that was postponed from the weekend, today.

This will take place imminently and cause downtime of up to 60 minutes. Incoming mail will be queued and delivered when the upgrade is complete.

We apologise for not being able to give more notice of this, but due to circumstances beyond our control we were not able to perform the upgrade at our preferred time at the weekend.

Update: 11-Sep-2018 15:47 CEST: This work has now started.

Update: 11-Sep-2018 15:57 CEST: This work is now complete and we are monitoring the situation. Apologies for the downtime.

Update 11-Sep-2018 22:17 CEST: The work completed earlier today unfortunately did not resolve the underlying issue. We have therefore completed an automated check of the disks on the server, also without finding any issues. We are proceeding with a file system integrity check which will run in the background on the server. This should not affect performance noticeably.