Category: Service Status

  • [Resolved] Support Website Unavailable

    Our customer support website at is currently unavailable. We’re investigating why this is and will resolve the situation as soon as possible. Sorry for the inconvenience.

  • [Resolved] Service access issues

    We are currently investigating access issues affecting IMAP, POP, SMTP, and web. UPDATE 00:25 CEST: We are experiencing issues with a central database server and are continuing investigations. UPDATE 00:30 CEST: A central database server was halted and we are analyzing logs to find out what caused it. UPDATE 00:40 CEST: After reviewing logs we […]

  • [Resolved] Maintenance and email service unavailability April 17, 2022

    As part of routine storage integrity monitoring we will perform preventative hardware maintenance on an email storage unit on Sunday 17th April. After necessary preparations the downtime will begin between 10 and 11 CEST (4 and 5 AM EST; 1 and 2 AM PST), and is planned to last 30-60 minutes. Incoming email will be […]

  • [Resolved] IMAP/POP Access Issues

    There are currently some IMAP/POP issues for some customers. We are looking in to the exact cause of this, but it looks like it could be a brute force attack on our servers. We will update this post when we have further information. UPDATE 20:00 CEST: We are working to block the brute-force attacks against […]

  • [Resolved] IMAP/POP Access

    Some customers are experiencing problems with IMAP/POP access and we are investigating this. We will update this post when we know more. Sorry for the inconvenience this is causing. UPDATE 12:15 CET: We are continuing investigations and restarting various services in order to fully restore access and stabilize the situation. UPDATE 07.02.2022 18:30 CET: The […]

  • [Postponed] Re-enabling authentication logging

    In order to re-enable logging of all authentication attempts to user accounts we are currently restarting authentication services, which may cause logins to fail for a few minutes. Once this is completed, authentication attempts will be available in the user interfaces, first in Runbox 6 and later in Runbox 7. We apologize for any inconvenience […]

  • [Resolved] IMAP/POP Access Issues

    We are continuing to see a number of customers who have IMAP/POP access issues. We’re looking in to this further to see what is causing this. Sorry for any inconvenience. UPDATE 17:45 CET: After restarting services on additional Dovecot servers this issue should be resolved.

  • [Monitoring] Upgrade of authentication system

    On Tuesday, November 23 at 09:00 CET (3 AM EST, 12 AM PST) we will be performing an upgrade of the Runbox authentication system. This upgrade involves moving authentication to a separate and dedicated infrastructure, which will improve performance while enabling event logging and improving access control available in the Runbox user interface. We don’t […]

  • [Resolved] Outgoing Delivery Delays

    As a result of some changes we made to our network (following the DDoS attacks) we are seeing some outgoing delivery delays to certain email providers. Most notably these are Yahoo, Outlook and Microsoft 365/Office 365. It appears that because our outgoing mail server now has a different IP address they are deferring delivery of […]

  • [Monitoring] DDoS attack

    We are currently experiencing some problems with our service that may be due to a DDoS attack. We are investigating and will post an update here when we know more. Update 22-Oct-2021 18:10 CEST – The confirmed DDoS attack has meant that some of our services are currently unavailable. We are continuing to monitor the […]